Are Demi and Trace Going on Secret Dates?

July 16, 2009 at 11:15 pm (Demi Lavato, Gossip, Trace Cyrus)

Are Demi and Trace Going on Secret Dates?


J-14 was one of the firsts to report that Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus have been tweeting each other sweet messages on Twitter recently. But Demi put the kabosh on the dating rumors when she wrote on her Twitter, “If you’re with somebody you’re really proud of, why hide it? But if I ever did have a boyfriend, I wouldn’t lie to you guys. I wouldn’t deny it because, lying is just wrong. Especially to fans.”

Now look at the very similar tweets Demi and Trace both posted within an hour of each other last night. (PS: Both stars were in L.A. at the same time…)


Do you think Demi and Trace are secretly dating? What should their celeb couple name be? Tremi? Drace? Locyrus?


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